Artist’s Statement

My life has been a journey full of questions and discoveries. Being perennially curious, I have traveled a circuitous path that makes sense only as I grow older. A few highlights:

  • Being the VP of Marketing for Celestial Seasonings in the early days taught me a lot about the field of business and working groups.
  • Being a gardener in Findhorn, Scotland for several years taught me how to communicate with the nature kingdoms as well as live in a spiritual community.
  • Sailing the Pacific Ocean for a year taught me how to be with myself.
  • Learning and Practicing Taoist Five Element acupuncture for 30 years taught me about how we evolve by staying true to the energy and laws of Nature.
  • Learning and practicing Intuition Medicine for several years has taught me how to be intentional.
  • And finally, being an artist for the last 30 years has taught me how to put all my curiosity, intention and knowledge into an aesthetic statement on canvas.

Sometimes my paintings are meant to be used as portals for the viewer to enter, sometimes they are energetically intended to resonate Mother Earth’s healing “chi” within the viewer, and, often, they are just a blatant exposition of my ardent love for the natural world. My curiosity guides my artistic expression on an ever-evolving path of questions and discoveries. I invite you, through my paintings, to walk with me on this path for awhile.

Why I Paint

The intrigue and challenge for me is to portray the physical subject as well as the “energy” or vibration of what I am painting. When I paint in Nature I strive to portray the conversation I am having with the Spirit of the place. I often experience and try to portray a visual phenomenon wherein I see matter and energy continually transforming into each other (an energy/matter cusp). Some paintings lie more on one or the other side of that cusp but the purpose of all the paintings is to encourage the viewer to experience both sides simultaneously. When observing this way:

“…There is a subtle change which makes the sight see in a sort of fourth dimension, the character of which is a certain internality, the seeing not only of the superficies and the outward form, but of that which informs it and subtly extends around it. The material object becomes in this sight something different from what we now see, not a separate object on the background or in the environment of the rest of Nature but an indivisible part and even in a subtle way and expression of the unity of all that we see. And this unity is that of the identity of the eternal, the unity of the Spirit.” –Sri Aurobindo

My ultimate goal is to artistically point the way to the experience and the expression of that unity of the Spirit.

Curriculum vitae

Warren Bellows




  • Art in the redwoods


  • Art in the Redwoods


  • Fisherman’s Festival, Bodega Bay
  • Artist-in-residence One Man Show, Matanzas Creek winery
  • Group Show, Bodega Bay Allied Arts
  • ARTrails, Open Studio
  • December Group Show, Christopher Queen Gallery


  • “The Frugal collector”, Christopher Queen Gallery
  • West county Consortium Show
  • Bodega Bay Allied Arts Show (spring)
  • Art At the Source, Open Studio
  • Bodega Bay Allied Arts Show (fall)
  • ARTrails, Open Studio
  • Landscapes and Quantum Worlds, One Man Show, RiskPress Gallery


  • ARTrails, Open Studio
  • Group Show, Christopher Queen Gallery


  • ARTrails Open Studio
  • “Crème de la Crème”, a 30 year anniversary, Christopher Queen Gallery


  • ARTrails, Open Studio
  • Group show, Christopher Queen Gallery


  • ARTrails Open Studio


  • “Heads Up”, Quercia Gallery
  • “The landscape”, Quercia Gallery
  • “The Still Life”, Quercia Gallery
  • “The California Landscape”, Calabi Gallery
  • ARTrails, Open Studio


  • 3-Man show, RiskPress Gallery
  • Spring Exhibition, Calabi Gallery
  • “The Moonshine Group”, Great Expectations Gallery
  • ARTRails Open Studio

2011 -2012

  • Sabbatical (taking time to think, explore and recalibrate)


  • Sonoma Artists Group Show, Graton Gallery
  • One-Man Show, Rochioli Winery
  • ARTrails Open Studio


  • Group show Calabi Gallery
  • “Beyond Borders”, Calabi gallery
  • Art trails Open Studio


  • “3/16th Off”, Calabi Gallery
  • Other Worlds, Calabi Gallery
  • Summer Selection, Calabi Gallery
  • “Art inspired by the Natural World, Calabi Gallery”
  • A Sabbatical Year from Art Trails Open Studio


  • Sutter Health Medical Office Bldg., Santa Rosa
  • Institute for Health and Healing, (San Francisco, Marin, Santa Rosa, Sacramento)
  • Vanguard Realty, Sebastopol, CA


  • 1998 Judges Award, Art in the Redwoods
  • 1999 Judges Award, Art in the Redwoods
  • 2003 Honorable Mention, Bodega Bay Allied Arts Spring Show
  • 2003 Award of Excellence, Bodega Bay allied Arts Fall show
  • 2004 Award of Excellence, Bodega Bay Allied Arts Spring Show